Monday, 28 January 2013


Talking through a story and moving. Replaying my weekend is easier than creating a new story and allows movement to flow.

To replay this back and understand why we moved how we did would be beneficial for therapy. Even when saying the story in our heads we have the ability to lie / smudge the truth but our body doesn't lie in this situation as movement happens subconsciously.

Contralateral Pattern...


Reflecting on this I tend to notice the contralateral pattern all the time, in myself and others around me.

Contemplative Dance...


Active Imagination - free association. The process of something unfolding.

Closing your eyes and moving with an inner impulse. Listening closely to the body and moving and being moved. 

Witnessing. Non judgmental paying attention.

Diad - Working in pairs.

How to create movement to access your body.

Paying attention to 4 different modes of being...

Propreception - Tracking / sensing where your body is in space.





POOLS OF MOVEMENT - moving between scenes.


Movement Therapy...

Can't talk about something but can express through movement. Movement comes before speech. Original Language.


Space - Keep it the same, clean, safe

Personal Space - Where to be in relation to the client

Behavior - Physical / verbal (Important for group sessions)

Confidentiality - Group trust

Energy - Don't over or under energize in order to be sympathetic and non influential

Time keeping 

[Therapist does not reveal anything about themselves and does not agree or say "I"]


Spinal Roll...

Im sorry about the gruesomeness of this image but it is the only way I can describe it.

Working with the spine I am thinking of the torso being filled with little balls like the image above. As I move they roll around and over each other changing the overall shape of my body.



IMAG0393 IMAG0394

Saturday, 8 December 2012


My own practice has developed in terms of where I want to take it, where my research interests are and where I want to go next.
                       Somatic based practice can be used in the education system. These practices can be a way of developing the brain and opening up neurological pathways that are vital in the primary school as a foundation for further education. By sharing this in my teaching I can give children the right tools from their first experiences in education. I wish to specialise in lower primary as this is where these developmental process' need nurturing most in learning to read, understanding the world around them, problem solving and being able to communicate successfully.

However I am now struggling to see it as anything beyond this. My own practice feels irrelevant and this preconception stops me from seeing other possibilities. The perception extract from "Body and Earth" by Andrea Olsen, has helped me to realise that I limit my ability by my perceptions. I have lots of preconceptions, even though I feel I am open minded. I project my preconceptions onto situations, my mood as well as my interestes - If I am feeling unco-operativeor down then everything I try to learn feels difficult and out of my depth. This means I don't approach it with the right attitude. My fear of failing and being behind is something I am currently struggling to overcome. "Numbing" is something that I normally do to overcome such issues. I must work with or against my preconceptions in order to change them. I won't succeed if I don't try and I struggle to try if I fear I will fail.

On the contary I have realised how in the past term we have re-visited much of what we have learnt in the past 2 years. BMC relates to everything I know about technique. I feel it is another layer/understanding to embody technique, e.g. 3D Self (soft spine, nerves, digestive tract) Floor softening the front and sun warms the back. My body recognises these moving patterns from what I have done before. It is familiar! My reflective practice is where I solidise what my body receives from the information and turns it into head information. I realise the relevance of what we are doing in relation to my prior knowledge and reading.

Most important to me as I have related all of my moving to this idea that my 6 limbs come from the center. When I use this image everything else comes into play (like soft spine) automatically. My power/movement always radiates from the center. Bringing all of my cells with me in celular breathing happens too as I move one body part that is connected through the core to every other body part, therefore moving the whole. By shifting through space from the core I take everything with me.

I want to practice more of the YEILD AND PUSH / REACH AND PULL as I don't think I understand enough of this yet to practice it in my own time. I understand it more in my head but my body is not convinced.